Civilian Massacre during WWII image Pay attention to radiation safety issues at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Ban the use of the Rising Sun Flag in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

Vank is on progress with a Global Petition calling for cooperation and participation from people around the world in banning the use of the Rising Sun Flag when cheering in the 2020 Tokyo olympics

Despite the fact that the Rising Sun Flag is the flag of the Japanese military of the past, and a symbol of Japanese imperialistic war of aggression, the Japanese government recently announced that it would allow the Rising Sun Flag when cheering during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Just as Hakenkreuz represents fascism, which is extreme totalitarianism to Europeans, the rising sun flag is also a symbol of extreme fascism used in Japans’ realization of imperialism. Therefore, the Japanese government’s use of the Rising Sun Flag during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics means that it will reproduce the 1936 Berlin Olympics in Germany, which used the Olympics for political propaganda purposes. VANK believes that the International Olympic Committee should strongly warn the Japanese Olympic Committee for violating the Olympic Charter that no form of protest or political, religious or racial propaganda is allowed in the Olympics. However, the IOC is keeping silent and is supporting the use of the Rising Sun Flag in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Therefore, VANK believes that only gathering global public opinion to ban the use of the Rising Sun Flag, which is recognized as a symbol of Japanese militarism and imperialism, can move the IOC and prevent Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee from allowing the support for the Rising Sun Flag.

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