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Ban the use of the Rising Sun Flag Campaign poster

VANK created a poster to inform the world that the Japanese Rising Sun Flag was used in the times of committing war crimes.

This poster was designed to help people around the world to recognize that the Rising Sun Flag, a symbol of Japanese militarism, is like the Hakenkreuz, a symbol of Nazi militarism.

In this poster, VANK added a symmetrical composition with Shinzo Abe and Adolf Hitler holding war-criminal flags side by side, plus a mustache, to intuitively recognize the similarities between the two characters and the period of war crimes.

Also on the bottom of the poster, there is an English phrase that โ€œthe Rising Sun Flag and the Nazi Flag(Hakenkreuz) has the same meaning as a war-crime flag used to invade other countries, but the attitudes of present-day Germany and Japan toward the war-crime flags are different.โ€