VANK is presenting and distributing digital posters as an effective way to respond to history distortion by Japan and China and to represent Korean’s position in the global community. In the past, the number of people who represented the voice of Korea in the international community was limited to diplomats, but now the era of digital diplomats has come, in which a person with will and influence on social media can surpass 1,000 diplomats.

The digital posters made by VANK for global diplomatic activities by digital diplomats quickly and easily inform the world of Korea’s position and are supported and received positive reactions by people around the world. Anyone can easily and simply inform the world of Koreans’ position through the digital poster made by VANK. Also, if you search for a related topic on a global portal site like Google, you can quickly get exposed to the search results and publicize the problem to the people around the world.

Distributing VANK’s digital posters is a global diplomatic activity of 21st century freedom fighters. We look forward to your active participation in distributing  VANK’s digital posters that change the world!

<How to Participate in Digital Poster Project>
Download the poster and share it with your friends through social media channels or upload it to communities you are involved in.

“Stole it? You’re Out!” “Sold it? You’re Out!”
Is it okay to peep into something fun? Stop China’s illegal distribution of Korean contents!
Which of the following best describes the purpose of Humboldt Forum?
Jikji 1377 Campaign
Let the world know about the resistance movement of Afghan women against the Taliban!
Germany ‘reflecting on’ history of aggression vs. Japan ‘covering up’ history of aggression
Penalize racist Pinchas Zukerman!
UNESCO Report on Japan’s Meiji Industrial sites – Now Keep Your Promises!
Congrats to Suga for winning Triple Crown in 3 new sports at Tokyo Olympics!
Are you going to extend the Great Wall beyond the Earth to the Moon?
Is the IOC a puppet of Japanese government?
We accuse China’s cultural imperialism hidden behind games!
The United Nations should take action to eradicate IUU of Chinese illegal fishing vessels.
We request the French government to transfer of ownership of the Oegyujanggak Uigwe to the Republic of Korea.
Prevent Japanese teens from learning the textbooks that glorified the war of aggression!
Baidu Baike should rectify its homepage’s history distortion of Goguryeo and Balhae!
Baidu should correct the distortion that described Korea’s samgyetang as Chinese food!
Schools and the Department of Education of every state should stop using the novel, “So Far from the Bamboo Grove”.
Digital Poster condemning the suppression of violence by the Myanmar military and police!
Amazon should stop selling the novel, “So Far from the Bamboo Grove”
Overcome the Fear and Hatred that comes from Ignorance. Band together with Asians!
Please designate March 26, the day martyr Ahn Jung-geun died, as ‘the Day of Peace in East Asia’ as the UN International Day!
Remember how the Kanto Massacre of Joseon People Started!
Stop Chinese netizens’ racist cyber-terror attacks regarding Korean culture!
Dandy ‘Gat’ ain’t from you, China!
“Comfort Women = prostitute? Are you a professor of Japanese Imperial university?”
Please put a stop to the use of the Rising Sun Flag logo by sugoiJPN!
The United Nations should reflect on its ignorance towards the diversity of Asian culture!
Stop China’s cultural hegemony!
This is not a Korea guidebook, but a book for degrading Korea.