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Please designate March 26, the day martyr Ahn Jung-geun died, as ‘the Day of Peace in East Asia’ as the UN International Day!

March 26, the day martyr Ahn Jung-geun died; Designating this day ‘the Day of Peace in East Asia’, as UN International Day is finishing the book, “A Treatise on Peace in the East” martyr Ahn wrote.


<A Treatise on Peace in the East>

The unfinished book for peace in the East that martyr Ahn wrote in March, 1910.


Today is March 1, Independence Movement day, when unknown freedom fighters launched a campaign for national independence without violence against the unjust aggression of Japanese imperialism.

Today, we live in an independent country, Republic of Korea, but it seems like we have a long way to go for Peace in East Asia that martyr Ahn dreamed of.

Still, Japan denies sex crimes of comfort women in war, and is trying to justify Japanese imperialism and colonial rule by fostering pro-Japanese scholars around the world.

China is not respecting the rights of other peoples’ enjoying and expressing their own cultures, and is fostering cyber-war comment corps that depreciates Korean culture and history.

In commemoration of March 1 Independence Movement Day, VANK is launching a campaign to look back on Ahn Jung-geun’s ‘Peace in East Asia’ spirit based on anti-colonialism, anti-imperialism and mutual solidarity, and to promise the future of Peace in East Asia.

VANK had started a Global Petition on the world’s biggest petition web site, targeting Korean·Chinese·Japanese government and the United Nations to designate March 26, the day martyr Ahn Jung-geun died, as ‘the Day of Peace in East Asia’.

VANK created Digital Posters in English and Korean introducing ‘the Day of Peace in East Asia’ and is working on to inform the world of martyr Ahn’s ‘Peace in East Asia’ spirit through social media channels.