image Baidu Baike should rectify its homepage’s history distortion of Goguryeo and Balhae! image We request the French government to transfer of ownership of the Oegyujanggak Uigwe to the Republic of Korea.

Prevent Japanese teens from learning the textbooks that glorified the war of aggression!

Japanese right-wing textbooks

that beautified “Great East Asia War”

with photos of attack on Pearl Harbor

have been certified.

Japanese teens are about to learn with textbooks

that distorted the Pacific War into “Great East Asia War for Asian Peace”,

and the Russo-Japanese War into Asian independence movement.

Please join the Global Petition to prevent Japanese teens

from learning the textbooks that glorified the war of aggression.


Distorted history textbooks teach war to the next generations of Japan.

Voluntary Agency Network of Korea (VANK) is starting a global campaign to tell the people around the world of Japanese government that certified middle school history textbooks that glorified Japan’s war of aggression.

VANK started a Global Petition demanding Japanese government to stop intervening on history education and to revise distorted textbooks on the world’s biggest petition site in order to tell the international community of Japan’s reviving militarism.

Japanese history textbooks describe distorted contents such as ‘Dokdo is inherent part of the territory of Japan, and the Republic of Korea has been occupying it illegally.’, ‘The Russo-Japanese war awakened many Asian countries of independence and gave them hope.’

Also, a middle school textbook inserted a photo of American USS Arizona wrapped in flames. with the description that ‘Japan named the war as “Great East Asia War”.’

The phrase “Great East Asia War” is recognized as Japan gathered up Asia to fight against the Western Powers, and it implies the intention of concealing colonial rule and justifying war of aggression.

The future of Japanese teenagers who have learned the history that glorified the imperialist war of aggression can lead to the revival of Japan’s militarism.

Accordingly, VANK created Digital posters in Korean and English in order to tell the world of Japanese government’s glorification of militarism, and to prevent Japanese students from learning distorted history.

The poster shows a Japanese national flag synthesized with a photo of USS Arizona wrapped in flames, and arranged the desks that Japanese middle school students will use, facing the flag,

VANK will keep trying to tell the global community of Japan’s history distortion, and make peace in East Asia.