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“Comfort Women = prostitute? Are you a professor of Japanese Imperial university?”

In Febraury 2021, Professor John Mark Ramseyer of Harvard Law School, who received Japanese medal, published a paper claiming that “the victim of Japanese military comfortwomen is a prostitute”. And this is becoming a huge problem.

The professor is about to publish the paper after the title ‘Contracting for sex in the Pacific War’ on a international academic journal on upcoming March, 2021.

In the thesis, the professor, not only claiming “Comfort Women are prostitutes” but also claiming the same as the Japanese right wings do, such as “The recruiters are responsible of the comfort women issue, not the Japanese government nor the Japanese military.”, “Comfort Women made a fortune.”

The problem is that the professor became a professor with money sponsored by a Japanese war-criminal corporation and was awarded a medal from the Japanese government in recognition of his work in promoting Japan.

Above all, VANK thinks that it is a big problem that the Japanese government is trying to make the Japanese right-wing view of history as an international standard through the public confidence of a professor at a world famous university like Harvard University.

Accordingly, VANK has produced and is distributing digital posters that properly inform the international community about the issue before the professor’s thesis is spread to the international community.

On the poster, Professor John Mark Ramseyer is sitting next to a Statue of Peace, and on the background shows Japanese imperialist aggression of 100 years ago. Also, the poster describes as follows:

“Professor John Mark Ramseyer,

are you a Harvard Law School professor of the 21st century?

Or a professor of Japanese Imperial university hundred years ago?

Your paper, which distorts Japanese war crimes, rationalizes the invasion of neighboring countries and is being used as a megaphone by the Japanese government to take no responsibility for the war of aggression.

Quit being a puppet of Japanese government!”