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Penalize racist Pinchas Zukerman!

Hey! Jewish violinist Mr. Pinchas Zukerman!

Don’t you know how the Holocaust began?

Holocaust did not fall suddenly from the skies!

The tragedy of Auschwitz had begun with hatred

and the Nazi’s war crimes such as Holocaust

begun with racial discrimination.

Stop Racism Towards Asians!


VANK started a global campaign that reports the international community of the violinist Mr. Zukerman who made racist remarks by saying that “Koreans don’t sing. It’s not in their DNA.”

Recently, worldly renowned violinist Pinchas Zukerman expressed racist comments to Korean, Chinese and Japanese musicians!

Born in Israel, Jewish prof. Zukerman now teaches in Manhattan School of Music. His parents survived in Polish Nazi Concentration Camp and settled in Israel in 1947.

But the one that has kept the history of pain expressed racist comments to Asians during a virtual masterclass hosted by the Juilliard School in 25th June.

After saying “If you don’t know how to play, then sing it” to two sisters of Asian descent sisters, Zukerman, not satisfied with the performance, said “I know in Korea, they don’t sing.”

Remarks that “they don’t sing” is a metaphorical expression of criticism for the lack of artistry and musicality.

Zukerman asked, “Then where are you from?” to the sisters who said they were not Korean, and to the answer that they were of Japanese descent, he said, “It’s the same that Japanese people don’t sing.”

At the end of the class, Zukerman said “Koreans don’t sing, It’s not in their DNA”, and this astonished the audiences of the real-time class.

Seem to be aware of “It’s not in their DNA” remarks, the Juilliard which were to upload all the virtual classes video on its homepage, uploaded videos except Zukerman’s lecture.

This is not the first time Zukerman expressed racist remarks.

In the past, Zukerman also said “You guys in China, you never use metronome. You just go fast, fast and loud, because when you go fast and loud, you think you go number one. I don’t think so, okay?”

Such remarks can cause serious problems in that they demean performers from Korea, China and Japan by locking them in the frame of racial stereotypes.

Due to the Covid-19, cases of hate crime towards Asians around the world has soared recently.

Above all, we should stop influential individuals like Zukerman from racially discriminating Asians.

If we cannot stop the spread of racism through world-famous figures, a second Holocaust tragedy could come before humanity.

Even the worst war crimes in mankind, in which 17 million people were slaughtered by the Nazis, started with racism.

The tragedy of Auschwitz, in which more than one million people were sacrificed for no reason, began with discrimination, hatred and oppression.

We should prevent racial discrimination and hate that created Holocaust and Auschwitz from reviving in the 21st century.

Therefore, VANK starts a global campaign that reports the international community of the violinist Mr. Zukerman who made racist remarks by saying that “Koreans don’t sing. It’s not in their DNA.”

First of all, VANK started a global petition on the world’s biggest petition site, demanding penalization of Pinchas Zukerman by the Manhattan School of Music.

VANK also created digital posters and is distributing them to the world that tells of Mr. Zukerman’s racist remarks.

The poster features Auschwitz on the background, and warns the global community that Pinchas Zukerman’s racist remarks could lead to war crimes of the Nazis in the Holocaust.

Through this campaign, VANK is looking forward to Koreans around the world to participate in this campaign so that the western world could be led to change its views on racism and discrimination toward Asians.