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“Stole it? You’re Out!” “Sold it? You’re Out!”

Netflix does not provide service in China. However, in 60+ Chinese illegal web sites are illegally distributing Netflix Original Series ‘Squid Game’, and ‘#SquidGame’ has well-received, reaching more than 1.77 billion hits on Chinese social media Weibo.

Besides China’s illegal distribution of ‘Squid Game’, a bigger problem is that through e-commerce platforms such as AliExpress and eBay, Chinese companies are illegally selling ‘Squid Game’ related products.

VANK sees the illegal distribution as an issue, but a bigger problem is with Chinese companies earning credit by illegally ‘Squid Game’ related products abroad.

VANK wants to make the above situation an international issue to prevent illegal distribution of Korean contents and illegal overseas sales of ‘Squid Game’ products by China following China’s Northeast Project that takes away Korea’s history and Culture Project that takes away hanbok and kimchi.

VANK had just begun a petition that reports China’s illegal distribution of ‘Squid Game’ on, Also, VANK has created new posters in Korean, English and Chinese that criticizes China’s illegal actions regarding ‘Squid Game’ by parodying the lines of it.

By depicting broken Chinese flag on dalgona candy which was featured in ‘Squid Game’, it symbolizes a warning that if the Chinese government would not actively track down and punish illegal distributors, the national image of China would fall.

Through this poster campaign, VANK expects the Chinese government to find out all Chinese web sites that illegally distributed Korean contents, and issue an order to stop acts of infringement in order to firmly block profit increase through illegal sales of ‘Squid Game’ related items in and outside China.

As ‘Squid Game’ related products are being predicted to be the most popular Halloween costume this year, VANK hopes Koreans around the world to actively inform the issue with global posters and global petition in order to stop China from earning huge profit by selling Korean contents.


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