VANK is presenting and distributing digital posters as an effective way to respond to history distortion by Japan and China and to represent Korean’s position in the global community. In the past, the number of people who represented the voice of Korea in the international community was limited to diplomats, but now the era of digital diplomats has come, in which a person with will and influence on social media can surpass 1,000 diplomats.

The digital posters made by VANK for global diplomatic activities by digital diplomats quickly and easily inform the world of Korea’s position and are supported and received positive reactions by people around the world. Anyone can easily and simply inform the world of Koreans’ position through the digital poster made by VANK. Also, if you search for a related topic on a global portal site like Google, you can quickly get exposed to the search results and publicize the problem to the people around the world.

Distributing VANK’s digital posters is a global diplomatic activity of 21st century freedom fighters. We look forward to your active participation in distributing  VANK’s digital posters that change the world!

<How to Participate in Digital Poster Project>
Download the poster and share it with your friends through social media channels or upload it to communities you are involved in.