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Criticizing Racism in Europe regarding COVID-19 – DER SPIEGEL Made in Racism

VANK made a parody digital poster criticizing the spread of discrimination and hatred toward Asians in Europe, including a report by the German Spiegel weekly magazine, which promoted racism under the title “Corona-Virus Made in China.”

The reason VANK made this poster is that the anti-Chinese sentiment is rising globally due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 and this sentiment has been spreading out in Europe in the form of anti-Koreans, anti-Japanese, and anti-Asians. which leads to the judgement that discrimination and hate towards Asians are spreading in Europe.

In public places in Europe, not only Chinese, but also Asians including Koreans and Japanese as a whole are stigmatized as carriers of the virus and are subject to hate and avoidance, and the starting point was the press such as the Spiegel.

This is because Spiegel promoted racism by putting a provocative title “Corona-Virus Made in China” on the cover of their magazine.

In response, VANK parodyed the title chosen by this magazine and produced a poster title d “Spiegel-Made in Racism.”