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Congrats to Suga for winning Triple Crown in 3 new sports at Tokyo Olympics!

Congrats to Suga for winning Triple Crown in 3 new sports at Tokyo Olympics!

VANK starts a global campaign that criticizes the Japanese government which is utilizing the Tokyo Olympics politically and as a propaganda arena for the revival of Imperialism.


Congrats to Suga for winning Triple Crown

in 3 new sports at Tokyo Olympics!

(Prime Minister of Japan)

Territory Invasion (Dokdo), Racism (Rising Sun Flag), History Distortion (Sohn Kee-chung)


VANK initiated a global campaign that discloses Japanese government’s invasion of Korean territory Dokdo, racist acts with the Rising Sun Flag, and distorting history by misleading the truth of Sohn Kee-chung to the international community in the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Recently, the Japanese government distorted Korean island Dokdo as Japanese island on the Tokyo Olympic Homepage, allowed the use of Rising Sun Flag for cheering in the arenas, and belied Berlin Olympics Gold Medalist Sohn Kee-chung who is Korean as Japanese in the Tokyo Olympic Museum.

VANK would like to globally inform the fact that the Japanese government is using the Olympics which should pursue international peace and friendship politically. Also, in particular, that Japan is using the Games as a propaganda ground to whitewash the past imperialistic aggression by distorting Dokdo and allowing the Rising Sun Flag to be used when cheering.

VANK created digital posters in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese in order to inform the world of Japanese government’s such conducts through social media.

The poster parodies with three new sports (Territory Invasion, Racism, History Distortion) in the Tokyo Olympics, and congratulates the current Japanese Prime Minister, Mr. Suga Yoshihide winning Triple Crown on these new sports.

On the uniform gold medalist Mr. Suga is wearing depicts Dokdo, Rising Sun Flag, and Sohn Kee-chung.

Through this, VANK informs the world of Japan’s acts of trying to extort Korean territory Dokdo, discriminating with the use of Rising Sun Flag, and distorting history of Sohn Kee-chung in the Tokyo Olympic Museum.

The poster also introduces a global petition that informs the world of Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee’s issue of damaging the Olympic Spirit.

Olympic Spirit refers to the elevation of the mind and soul, overcoming differences between nationalities and cultures, embracing friendship, a sense of solidarity, and fair play; ultimately leading to the contribution towards world peace and the betterment of the world.

However, the Japanese government pronounced that they would not prohibit using the Rising Sun Flag, the flag representing war of aggression, when cheering and bringing the flag-designed uniform to the Tokyo Olympics.

Above all, the Japanese government has distorted Dokdo, a precious territory of a neighboring country, on the Tokyo Olympics website and started telling the world that the island belongs to Japan.

Also, Sohn Kee-chung, 1936 Berlin Olympic marathon gold medalist, is displayed as if he were Japanese in the section displaying Japanese gold medalists of all time at the Japan Olympic museum nearby the Olympic arenas.

We must not neglect or keep silent with the actions of the Japanese government that fundamentally undermine the Olympic Spirit.

Therefore, VANK expects people worldwide to join the global petition and share the poster towards people who do not know about these issues.

Anyone interested in joining VANK’s campaign can download the poster and share it on your social media channel or let the world know of this issue by joining the global petition.