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Jikji 1377 Campaign

VANK(Voluntary Agency Network of Korea) starts 1377 Campaign that promote Jikji to worldwide history books, world history textbooks, libraries, and educational institutions.

Commemorating the year 1377 that Jikji was printed, 1377 Campaign is a campaign for promoting Jikji to 1377 history books world wide, 1377 world history textbooks, 1377 libraries, and 1377 educational institutions.

In order for this, VANK created and is distributing 8 digital posters in Korean and English that introduces cases that VANK members have registered Jikji by their request in worldwide history books, world history textbooks, libraries, and educational institutions.

Each poster describes venues or books that VANK members had registered Jikji. The posters show the homepage of The British Library, the second largest library in the world, Awesome stories website, one of famous American educational portals, and a history book by DK, a British publisher. Also one of the posters shows a history textbook by National Geographic, an American publisher, in which Jikji was registered by Korean-Americans’ effort in 2018.

The poster describes the latest world history book, world history textbook, library, and educational institution that included Jikji, a great invention of human history, printed with movable metal type printing technology.

Korea’s Jikji, printed with movable metal type in 1377, predates Gutenberg’s bible by 78 years, but has been omitted in world history textbooks of the Western world.

Because of this, youths do not appreciate Korean history properly.

Therefore, the posters claim that in order for youths to learn accurate Asian history, Jikji should be introduced in many world history books.

Therefore, VANK has been working on this 1377 campaign to inform worldwide history books, world history textbooks, libraries, and educational institutions of Jikji, and we hope world citizens including Koreans around the world to join in promoting Jikji together with VANK’s 1377 campaign.

On the below, you may check VANK’s Jikji web site where you can access information on VANK’s effort to register Jikji in various books, portals, and institutions, and you can also use the information from the web site to tell the world of Jikji.

With 100 million Korean Wave fans around the world, it is a chance for us to introduce world citizens of Korean history as their interest in Korean popular culture has risen recently.

Please join VANK’s various campaigns that expand the growing interest of people around the world in Korean pop culture to Korean history and culture as a whole.

<VANK Bring Jikji to the World web site>