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Prevent the Japanese government’s from deliberately releasing radioactive water poster

VANK created digital posters to prevent the Japanese government’s nuclear power plant from deliberately releasing radioactive water.

This is de facto policy of the Japanese government to dump the contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the ocean despite fierce opposition inside Japan and around the world.

VANK created a digital poster to inform the international community of the Japanese government’s intentional release of radioactive water.

This poster says “We couldn’t prevent Fukushima Nuclear Disaster! But We can avoid Japan’s deliberate discharge of Radioactive Water! For the Future of the Earth and for the Well-being of Humanity. Please join the Global Petition!” The poster warns that the Japanese government is dumping radioactive materials into the sea, which could cause the global village to be contaminated with radioactive materials.

In addition, the poster is calling on the world to take part in action by introducing an Global Petition site conducted by VANK to prevent this problem.

We are living on our only planet Earth. We need to be more cautious on irreversible decisions affecting the one and only Earth and the oceans without borders.

It is important to fully discuss the effects with neighboring countries that would be affected by the decision.

However, the Japanese government does not even listen to the opposition of its local communities, let alone the neighboring countries.

Nuclear power plant accidents could not be prevented, but the deliberate discharge of radioactive water could be avoided.