image The Dream of Sohn Kee-chung poster image Criticizing Racism in Europe regarding COVID-19 – Holocaust did not happen out of the blue

The Story of Hope – fighting COVID-19

VANK created a poster to spread the story of hope to people around the world fighting the COVID-19 infection.

On the poster, the English letters ‘COVID-19’ are written as ‘Courage’, ‘Openness’, ‘Victory’, ‘Inforamation’, ‘Defence’, 1(day), 9(people), with the meaning that we can beat the COVID-19.

The poster is spreading the meaning of: “We must overcome fear with courage, and with open mind, if we stop hating our neighbors, we will win. Avoid fake news, convey accurate facts, and share your heart with 9 people a day while wearing a mask and practicing washing hands.”