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Criticizing Racism in Europe regarding COVID-19 – Holocaust did not happen out of the blue

With the spread of the COVID-19, there is a phenomenon in the Americas and Europe that discriminates against or hates Asians including Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, and Southeast Asians. In Fact, students suffer from discriminatory language or physical violence on the streets without reason, and also they are being banned from school and are forced to transfer.

VANK believes that if racial discrimination and hate crimes cannot be prevented, the Holocaust tragedy of genocide of European Jews by Nazi Germany during the World War Ⅱ could be reproduced before humanity.

In response, VANK has created five anti-racism posters. Four of the posters are set in Auschwitz, the first concentration camp built by Adolf Hitler, describing an elementary school student who symbolizes the next generation holding a balloon that says “Corona virus rumors and hatred of Asians. Holocaust did not happen out of the blue.”

The other poster warned by engraving the same phrase on the tombstone symbolizing the Holocaust that the “Second Holocaust” tragedy could come before humanity again.