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Ban the use of the Rising Sun Flag in Tokyo Olympics poster

VANK created a campaign poster in English and Korean to accuse the use of the Rising Sun Flag for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

In this poster, Adolf Hitler is looking at Prime Minister Shinzo Abe using the Rising Sun Flag at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

And also introduces a quote from André Malraux, the former French Minister of Culture, “He who has dreamed for long resembles his dream.”

The Japanese Shinzo Abe administration allowing the Rising Sun Flag, the flag of war criminals, during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic is the same as the German Nazis allowed the Hakenkreuz during the 1936 Berlin Olympics, showing that the dreams of the two people for militarism are in harmony.

Also, on the bottom shows the Global Petition that more than 68,000 people have signed for the ban the use of the Rising Sun Flag in the Tokyo Olympics.

Adolf Hitler, leader of the German Nazi party, tried to demonstrate to the world the physical superiority of the Aryan race through the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

The Nazi aimed to be exonerated of their racism and militarism. They tried to exploit the Berlin Olympic Games as a political propaganda to rationalize the invasion of neighboring countries.

World citizens today call the Berlin Olympics the “most disgraceful Olympic Games”. An event meant to promote peace abused to further a political propaganda of hate and racism.

And in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, there was Hakenkreuz, a symbol of Nazi militarism.

VANK aims to inform the international community that the Rising Sun Flag is the flag of war criminals so that the 1936 Berlin Olympics in Germany, remembered as the most shameful history that undermines the spirit of the Olympics, will not be reproduced through the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.