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Dokdo, the Hearts of Freedom Fighters! Poster

VANK have created a digital poster that introduces Dokdo and the dreams of Freedom Fighters of a hundred years ago.

Through this Dokdo poster, VANK informs that Dokdo is an island with historical significance that can be compared to the hearts of Freedom Fighters.

Most of all, to Koreans, Dokdo is not one of Korea’s 3,000 islands, but is an island with a special meaning in which the dreams of Freedom Fighters who devoted themselves to reclaiming the country and history taken away by Japanese imperialism 100 years ago. And we are to inform foreigners of this fact.

With the background of Dokdo, a beautiful island in the East Sea, the poster introduces famous quotes representing the life of Freedom Fighters such as Yun Bong-gil, Ahn Chang-ho, Envoy to the Hague, Unknown Righteous Army soldiers, Yu Gwan-sun, Jeong Jeong-hwa, Kwon Ki-ok, Kim Maria, Nam Ja-hyun, Frederick Arthur McKenzie, Ernest Bethell, Frank Schofield who devoted themselves to the independence of Korea 100 years ago.

Also we hope that the dream and passion of the Freedom Fighters will be known to foreigners around the world through the current of the East Sea embracing Dokdo in the poster, which is compared to an electrocardiogram of the Freedom Fighter’s heartbeat 100 years ago.