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Tell the world the truth of Asian Holocaust, the ‘Ukishima’!

VANK created a poster to inform the international community of the truth of the vessel, Ukishima, and is distributing the poster on social media.

The poster states “Intended Genocide! The worst sinking incident ever in world history! We are looking for the jury to participate in the Asian Holocaust, the ‘Ukishima’ trial.” as the topic. It also presents the crime overview and evidence of crime so that people around the world could be concerned in the incident and become an honorary jury of the case.


Massacre of about 5,000 conscripted Joseon people(Koreans)

In August 1945, after the loss in WWⅡ,

the Japanese government, willing to avoid criticism from

the international community for wartime forced labor,

planned a systematic genocide when sending back

civilians on the vessel to Joseon(Korea)


According to investigation report prepared

at the request of the Allied Forces,

1) Crew demonstration that Japanese crews won’t give up

their lives because of Joseon people(Koreans).

2) Record that the Navy chief of staff had commanded

the crews to give up their lives.

Anyone can be the jury. Join the global petition by the link shown in the poster and let people around you see the poster.