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Stop Amazon, eBay, and Walmart from being used as runways for the revival of Kamikaze!

Voluntary Agency Network of Korea, VANK has created and started distributing digital posters that demand Amazon, eBay, Walmart to immediately stop selling “kamikaze” items.

Amazon, eBay, Walmart, which are known to be used the most by young people around the world, sell and distribute “kamikaze” related items.

Kamikaze is a symbol of Japanese militarism and imperialism, which is a Japanese military commando that carried out suicide attacks by flying bomb-equipped planes during the World War Ⅱ.

If the global community leaves this alone, it is giving indulgence on war of aggression.

Above all, the United States, which suffered the most damage from Japanese Kamikaze during the World WarⅡ, should not let the US-based Amazon, eBay, and Walmart sell and distribute items commemorating Kamikaze.

On July 25, 2020, worldwide e-commerce companies Amazon, Google and Wish announced that they removed racist items being sold on their platforms.

In accordance with the revised policies, these companies banned the sales of Hakenkreuz, White-supremacist flags, neo-Nazi and KKK related items, and also changed their sales algorithm to prohibit the sales of racist items.

If famous online shopping malls ban the sale of Nazi Hakenkreuz, Kamikaze must also be banned.

Just as the Nazi Hakenkreuz represents fascism, which is extreme totalitarianism, Kamikaze is also a symbol of extreme fascism of Japanese imperialism to countries affected by imperialist Japan.

The global community has a shared responsibility and obligation to prevent Kamikaze from reappearing before humanity in the 21st century, a symbol of war crimes that caused terrible pain and wounds to humanity during the World WarⅡ. and to evict Kamikaze from the stage of history again.

Accordingly, VANK crated digital posters that request Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, which operate global e-commerce platforms, take full ban on the sale and distribution of Kamikaze-related items as follows:

The A6M Zero plane which was used as Kamikaze at the end of the World WarⅡ is featured on the poster. And the poster introduces a runway with Amazon, eBay, and Walmart logos to satirize these companies’ use as runways for the 21st century kamikaze revival.

The poster introduces the link of the global petition and says: “Amazon, eBay, Walmart are being used as runways for the revival of Kamikaze. The global community has the obligation and responsibility to expel Kamikaze, a symbol of war crimes, from online shopping malls.”