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Japanese Cosmetics conglomerate DHC’s CEO should quit hatred and racial discrimination toward Koreans!

Recently, in an article posted on the website by Japanese cosmetics conglomerate DHC under the name of chairman Yoshida Yoshiaki, it aroused criticism by degrading Koreans and Korean residents in Japan.

DHC, which has grown into a conglomerate in Japan, has been publicly carrying on hatred and hate speech about Korea(n)s and Korean residents in Japan with no basis and with open hostility.

Typically, on February 2016, the CEO of DHC, Mr. Yoshida wrote in the company introduction section of DHC’s website, despising Korean residents in Japan as “Pseudo-like Japanese” and saying “Please go back to your home country”. Also on November 2020, he stated “For whatsoever reason, almost all the actors appointed in Suntory commercials are (South/North)Korean-Japanese. That is why Suntory seems to be booed on the Internet as Jon-tory. Including all the actors in DHC, DHC is a pure Japanese company.” Jon-tory can be seen as a compounded expression of Suntory with the Japanese ‘Jon(チョン)’, which depreciates Korean residents in Japan.

DHC chairman Yoshida is sharing the view with the current Japanese right-wings aiming for the resurrection of Japanese militarism by marking racial supremacy with the statement: “Japanese are the only Asians that are ethnically close to Europeans.”

DHC’s constant hate speech is not just the CEO’s remarks. DHC TV’s cast members have been perpetually making hate speeches about Korea, and a far-right celebrity who appeared on DHC TV in August 2019 has not hesitated to remark distorted history by saying “Joseon people(Koreans) were unable to convert Chinese characters into text, so they distributed Hangeul(Korean alphabet) with textbooks made in Japan. The Japanese unified Hangeul and it became the current Hangeul.”

Accordingly, VANK created digital posters in English and Japanese to tell the global community about DHC chairman Mr. Yoshida’s hatred and hate speech toward Korea through social media.

On the digital poster describes the CEO’s hate speech in connection with the Great Kanto earthquake in 1923 followed by Kanto Korean massacre.

In the poster, VANK requests the CEO to quit poisoning the well.

In 1923, more than 400,000 people in Japan died in the Great Kanto earthquake. Fallen into confusion, the Japanese government spread a rumor that “Joseon people(Koreans) are poisoning the wells and going to set off bombs” in order to save the political situation after the earthquake. Because of this rumor, more than 6,000 Joseon people were massacred.

The poster emphasizes that DHC CEO’s hatred and disgust toward Koreans is the same as the Japanese government spreading rumors that “Joseon people are poisoning wells and going to set off bombs” during the 1923 Great Kanto earthquake.

It also introduces that the CEO’s hatred and absurd remarks toward Koreans are poisoning the peaceful future of Korea and Japan in the 21st century, and people all over the world should know this happening.

The poster also introduces the Global Petition web site so that the global community could stop Mr. Yoshida’s hatred and disgust.